Homegirl Magazine’s Guide to Thoughtful Gift Giving

The 2020 holiday season is different. One might say there’s something trite about waiting for the holiday season to express love and gratitude, but 2020 has been a very different year. Your efforts? They all count. And there has never been a better time than YESTERDAY to make your feelings known or give someone their flowers.

Homegirl Magazine’s Guide to Thoughtful Gift Giving

Live Indoor Plant

Gifting a houseplant is peak hospitality vibes. Bring nature and healing to your loved one’s abode with a resilient Sansevierias (snake plants) or philodendron. Aside from adding literal life to a space, many plant types are excellent for purifying indoor air quality and mood boosting.

Organic Skincare

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. There’s nothing like a body butter, cleansing oil, or exfoliating scrub to encourage someone you love to pamper themselves.Depending on commitment and skill, DIY skincare is a Pinterest search away with many recipes requiring ingredients you already have at home. Or you can shop boutique and black owned.

Party Pop: Wild Thoughts — Uoma Beauty


There’s so much diversity in makeup, from lashes, to lipgloss, to nail polish and brushes.

Mail a Letter or Make a Playlist

Love don’t cost a thing. Say it in a letter. Say it with a song. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020 is to say how you feel.

Send Flowers (or GrubHub)

Sending flowers is great anytime. Flowers are one of the most thoughtful and earnest gifts we can give to someone we are thinking of. Try sending flowers from a florist local to the person you’re gifting. If all else fails, send food from a Black owned restaurant nearby.

A Journal, Stationary, or Stamps

The benefits of journaling are plentiful. A journal can be used many ways, including keeping ideas organized, creative writing, and goal setting. But taking things a step further to encourage letter writing as a way to stay connected while also supporting the livelihood of the United States Postal Service by pre-purchasing stamps.

Health & Wellness App Subscription

In recent years, apps make the routine of wellness more accessible. While many mindfulness apps offer trial periods or basic services for free, premium subscriptions are available a for a fee. Sending a self care app’s premium version as a gift to your friend is an effortless way to help her achieve self care no matter where she goes. Paying for even one month of premium service can make all the difference in jump starting or improving her self care journey.

Du Froid — Shari.co


We don’t care what anybody says, candles are always a great gift.


There’s something special about gifting of art while supporting an artist. It’s a win win.

Birds After Your Bread — Lauren Levi Art

This year has been one of deep self reflection and reexamining priorities. No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, if at all, a meaningful gift never goes out of style. Remember to give with purpose.

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